Friday, November 20, 2015

Sweet Angel

"Hi thank you so much it helps in so many ways! My sons name is Angel he was diagnosed with leukemia on June 15th of this year he was only 4 months old. We went through the whole process of waiting to see if he had a bone marrow match we knew that was the cure for is cancer. The type of leukemia he as diagnosed with was jmml. It is a really really rare kind doctors say out of the whole world there have only been 15 cases of it. It was hard for my husband and I to know that our baby had cancer. Doctors said that we were going to tests his sister and brothers to see if they were a match it would be the best for angel. But only 1 out of every 4 sibling  are match. We were scared that none of them were a match. We are Hispanic and hardly any Hispanic donate so angel being on we thought we would never find a match. We tested his siblings and are blessed that both of his brothers were a match for him. We went with his older brother Luis who is 5. Luis was so excited to be able to help his brother not be sick anymore and for him to be home with him. We did transplant on the 19 of August. Luis was so excited and happy that this day he was going to give angel his blood to help him feel good! When Luis back for his bone marrow he did not cry he was excited and happy. When he came out from procedure and woke up he didn't cry or wasn't scared all he wanted to do was see his little brother his wish came true and he went and saw his brother. On the 18th of September we got the good news that there are no more cancerous cells and were discharged. We went home that day but a week later we were back in hospital he got an infection in his central line and we count out that we were going to have to remove his spleen we got all that token care of and now we are home and have 2 doctors appointments a week in Dallas witch is 2 hours from our house but we couldn't be more happier to be home. Again thank y'all so much." 

God Bless this family.  Luis, you're an AMAZING big brother for being so STRONG as to donate bone marrow to your baby brother!  Family, enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving together at home!