Monday, March 16, 2015

Presenting sweet Charlotte, another wallet of love recipient!

Some of you might remember this sweet girl from a while back when Lainey had chemo, she met Charlotte and they were fast friends!  Here is her story, courtesy of her mom, "Charlotte is 3 years old and will soon be 4 in June. Back in April 2014 Charlotte had developed a knot on her head. We had taken her to many different doctors trying to figure out what was wrong and how we could make it go away. All we got was the run around with everyone. We weren't getting any answers. In October we were finally referred to a plastic surgeon that did an MRI and a biopsy of the bump. We still received no results but they referred us to an oncologist just in case. The oncologist told us from what he saw in the MRI and the abnormalities of the biopsy that Charlotte had Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We had already prepared to be in the hospital for 4 days to get her started on her chemotherapy in her induction phase of her 3 year treatment plan. Our 3 years started October 16th, 2014. She's been strong through all the treatments so far. She will be 6 years old before we are 100% done with treatments. We have a long hard road ahead of us but we are survivors. Our love keeps us strong."

Thank you mom, for sharing Charlotte with us and know that we are all here, praying for you both! Don't forget friends, visit our website at , and click on the Donate link to make a tax deductible donation to allow us to continue to help families just like sweet Charlotte's!

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