Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Introducing Jeanie.....

"I am a 42 year old mother of 3 that was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 1, 2015. I was in Dallas for daily IV chemo for one month of inpatient and then daily outpatient iv chemo up until the end of August.  I have returned home to Abilene to my family and it is wonderful to see my children daily. I will be on oral chemo for 2 years. I have monthly follow up appointments in Dallas and your gift cards will be very useful during this time. I am an RN and was the director of a Home Health Agency up until the day of my diagnoses. I am no longer employed. Finances are a huge struggle, but I am very grateful to be alive and here to worry about them! Your gift will definitely help so much! Thank you again!"

Another wonderful survivor who is receiving a Wallet of Love today from our program and who needs your prayers today, please join us in lifting her up today with healing thoughts!  Thank you for sharing your story with us Jeanie, we are all praying for a FULL recovery!

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