Friday, March 18, 2016

A note of Thanks & INSPIRATION!

Thank you and all the great folks at Love is Louder than Cancer!!  What a blessing this organization is to our family. 

Joseph was diagnosed with a very rare bone lymphoma on August 8th 2014 at the age of 15. Treatment commenced immediately and continues until December 8th 2016 (over 2 years of treatment and daily chemo). 

Joseph's spirit and resolve has not faultered during these days of chemo, spinal taps, nausea, blood transfusions and hospital stays.  Over the last year Joseph has battled severe pancreatitis (and pancreas shut down), temporary diabetes, shingles and chicken pox and now, severe bone necrosis from the steroids. Again his strong spirit has carried us. 

He is supported by his 18 year old sister Anna and 13 year old brother Michael.

Joseph hopes to get back on the golf course and back on track at the high school where he is a junior. He enjoys sports and hopes to become a sports agent or announcer one day for ESPN. 

Again we truly appreciate the gifts from heaven your organization is providing. 

Love to you all,

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this note of  thanks, Shawna!  Prayers continue that Joseph will not allow this awful disease to break that of his strong spirit and aspirations!  Wishing your family blessings upon blessings...   

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