Friday, November 7, 2014

Meet Tina, our very 1st "Wallet of Love" Recipient

LILTC friends, meet Tina. She is a busy single mother to three amazing children including one with autism. A breast cancer survivor who is cancer free (can I get an amen??!!) but has gone through SEVEN reconstructive surgeries (most recent one was just Oct 2nd) in the past 3 years to rebuild her breasts from the radical double mastectomy that saved her life. She will still have at least one more surgery in 2015. Due to numerous complications, which are unfortunately a big reality for breast cancer survivors, she is struggling to make a steady income and obtain promotions. 

Somehow through all of this though, Tina works full-time as a special education assistant, working with special needs adults and works two other jobs, including working for an autism waiver provider helping those on the spectrum. Tina has remained positive, gracious and is clearly an amazing example of strength to her children. 

It is with GREAT pride that I announce Tina will be our first "Wallet of Love" recipient! Tina's wallet is given in memory of the extraordinary husband and father, Edward M. Stuhl. A huge thank you to the entire Stuhl family and their friends for their generous donations to make this possible. 

Thank you Tina for sharing your story and your wonderful family with us! 

Please include Tina and her beautiful family in your prayers and join me today in showing her that love is so much LOUDER than cancer!

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Lesly Bolton said...

I am so glad that you could help Tina!