Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Franchesska, one of our January Wallet of Love recipients!

"My name is Franchesska.  I am 39 years old. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer on July 11, 2014. After being diagnosed my world turned upside down.  I had a whirl wind of medical appointments and a lumpectomy in September.  Unfortunately, I lost mobility in my arm and had to stay out of work an additional two weeks. I'm sad to say that in October my company felt that it did not make good business sense to keep me on because I had missed so many days with medical appointments and they knew that more than likely I would miss more, so they stated it was better to lay me off. I found myself unemployed on top of having to deal with cancer.  I filed unemployment, but they denied my claim based on the fact that the state of Georgia requires that you are able to work full time without illness to collect. So I was a cancer patient and unemployed with no income.  I was the only income in my home because my mother had previously lost her job due to her own medical issues.  

My time as a cancer patient has been very difficult.  I have experienced horrible side effects so my doctor told me I would not be able to work anyway. I am sick for 9.5 days after chemo. My mother was ignoring her own pain to care for me. She recently was in the hospital December 30th and was diagnosed with stomach and ovarian cancer. Her pain is so severe that she can no longer help me. So now we have two cancer patients in the home and zero income. 

God is teaching me to walk by faith and not by sight. This journey is truly a faith walk. Being without income since September (I used all of my medical leave on doctors appointments so I had to go out on leave without pay for surgery), God has provided for my house through the kindness of many. Though this journey is extremely difficult,  I thank God for people or organizations such as Love is Louder than Cancer to help me continue the fight.  I look forward to see what the Lord has in store for me. This battle cannot be for nothing.  I feel the journey God has my mother and I on is for a greater purpose."

What a beautiful, strong woman, who is putting her faith in God to lead her path.  Franchesska, we are all here, praying for you and your mother and do believe God most certainly has a plan for this trial in your lives.  Love is always louder than cancer and we are certainly sending a lot of love your way today!  

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