Sunday, January 11, 2015

We're all cheering for Kaitlyn today!

Happy Sunday everyone!  As you're heading out to church this morning, I have a wonderful story about an amazing girl fighting cancer that can use your prayers.  We are so excited that we were able to spread some holiday cheer to brighten Kaitlyn's day this Christmas!!Remember, share our website and story with others so we can continue to raise money to help fighters just like brave Kaitlyn!
From her mom, "My thirteen year old wonderful daughter Katilyn is on the drill team and an AP honor roll student; she started having trouble with headaches to the point of tears. Her pediatrician sent her to a neurologist where she received an MRI of her brain because of these headaches, from there she had a brain biopsy and on July 25, 2014 ironically “the same day in 2001 Katilyn’s father died”, she was diagnosed with an inoperable High Grade Glioma, stage 3 brain tumor “Anaplastic Astrocytoma”. I was told the cancerous tumor is located in the center of the left thalamus, and couldn’t be surgically removed. 
Katilyn was immediately fitted for a radiation mask and began radiation therapy in August 2014. She will be treated with radiation five days a week for a total of 33 visits at UT Southwestern, in conjunction with an oral chemotherapy 3 times a day. The Neuro-oncology team hopes this will shrink the tumor.
Katilyn had a MRI and we found out that her tumor had swollen much more than they had expected, two days later we ended up in the ER and admitted to the hospital for 6 days during that time, she lost feeling in the right side of her body enabling her the use of her hand or to walk without the assistance, and the doctors decided to start her on infusion chemotherapy in October,a month early,in hopes to help with the swelling of the tumor.  
The day after she was released from the hospital her drill team dedicated their performance to her and presented her with flowers. She was so excited and overwhelmed she forgot about the pain and she was so happy. I was so amazed and humbled by the generosity of all of our friends and community, Zahid Arab from FOX4 and even strangers that don't know us. Thank you!"

Kaitlyn, you have an entire community of people praying for you!  We are all asking God to give you and your mom strength, courage and faith to know that He is working in ALL things, even this trial.  We are all most definitely in this together, thank you for continuing to be a light shining brightly for all others to see,so that in you they might see Him.

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