Friday, December 12, 2014

Introducing the fabulous Ms. Eliza

I have had the incredible pleasure of spending a few minutes of every Monday through Friday for the past six weeks at radiation with Ms. Eliza.  It's amazing what happens when you talk to people and hear their story.  First of all, she takes public transportation to get to radiation and is never late, which was astonishing to me since I drive myself and end up late :-).  When I first met her, she walked in with a bright smile and I said, "How are you today?" she answered with a simple, "Blessed to see another day Honey, God is good!" and for the past 28 days I've seen her after that, always the same answer.  When you start your day off that way, it makes the rest of the day so much easier, doesn't it?  I think many of us are guilty of checking Facebook or grabbing coffee before we take a moment to say a prayer over the day that is before us, but not Ms. Eliza.

Over the course of radiation, I've met several strong women who I've traded stories with but hers is a very special one.  Ms. Eliza at the age of 69, has survived more tragedy in her life than most of us could comprehend.  She's lost her mother to breast cancer, lost two grown children suddenly, and currently has three remaining children, one of which is in the hospital with heart issues.  Through all of this though, she has a STRONG faith in God and continues to help others in her community.  She told me they call her 'Soup Kitchen' because if you're hungry, you come to her house and somehow she'll find a way to feed you.  She said, "They call me Annie, Granny, Momma, you name it, I answer to it."

I'm not sure why God brings everyone into your life, but I do know that each person you meet is meant to teach you something.  When I gave Ms. Eliza her Wallet of Love this week, I also gave her a note with it, explaining how much of an inspiration she is to me and how blessed I am to have met her.  Women like her are few and far between, when you hear the term 'it takes a village', Ms. Eliza is definitely a part of that village that steps up to raise those that 'need some raisin'.   She doesn't have a computer, doesn't know about social media, but when I explained to her that I wanted to share her story, she looked me in the eye and said, "Please Baby, please do."  She's battling breast cancer with courage and grace of the best kind, straight from God.

This wallet was given in honor of the very special father of one of my best friends who we lost this week to cancer, we'll miss you Dad aka Bill Tweeden. Thank you Ms. Eliza for being who you are and inspiring so many of us with your faith.   She is, quite literally, Love Personified.


Anonymous said...

I am an ovarian oncology patient. is there financial support for me through your organization? how do I communicate with the organization?

dbacon said...

Thank you for reading our blog. Please email and ask for the Wallet of Love application - it can be submitted from you but also must include doctor or social worker signature. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you