Monday, December 8, 2014

Wallet of Love Recipient - Ms. Betty is Shaping Little Minds

Ms. Betty & Dianna, Board President, LILTC

It takes a BIG HEART TO SHAPE LITTLE MINDS and that is what Ms. Betty does on a daily basis!

She is a teacher of children ages 18-24 months (that's the age Lainey was when she was diagnosed with Leukemia).  I've personally known Ms. Betty for 7 years and when I learned she had breast cancer this year my heart broke!  Ms. Betty helped me raise both my babies years ago just like she does for so many other families.

I was personally able to deliver her Wallet of Love and visit with her briefly.  She is looking strong and back at work full-time.  During radiation she was only able to do half days most of the time...she said she knew exactly how Kelly must be feeling these days..."it can make you exhausted." But she said her energy is starting to come back as well as her hair : ) You wouldn't know it but Ms. Betty is in her 70s...can you believe she spends her days running around after toddlers?!  Bless her!

The look of surprise on her face when I delivered her Wallet of Love was of absolute gratitude and beauty.  It is the very reason that I know God led me to meet Kelly and be on this path with her and this Foundation.

-Dianna, Board President

"Let all you do be done in Love."

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