Friday, December 5, 2014

Meet brave Jaxon

Jaxon is another recipient of a Wallet of Love. In the words of his mother, "2 year old Jaxon went in to the doctor for a normal visit to get his iron levels checked, and the outcome was something very unexpected. His platelets were low, as well as his white blood cell count being irregular and he was immediately sent to Dallas childrens hospital for more testing. Early morning, September 9th, 2014, he was Diagnosed with 'Pre-B ALL' Leukemia. He has weekly visits for chemo, with the occasional stays in the hospital from the toll therapy. He has an older sister who is 7 and she misses him when he is gone weeks on end. Please pray these next 3 years go smoothly and everything turns out okay."

We are all praying for this family and know that Jaxon will be just fine!  Fighting this battle involves the entire family just like Lainey's 5 year old sister Avery, his 7 year old sissy needs to be shown lots of love too.  Send it up today friends, love grows when we join together!  Please continue to share our Foundation with friends, you can donate here by clicking at the top of the page on Donate AND on our Facebook page by clicking on Give.  

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